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Lab Grade Pulsed Electric Field Generator

We have built our Lab Grade Pulsed Electric Field Generators in close collaboration with research scientists & food micro-biologists. Each & every feature is designed with laboratory usage in mind.

You get settable pulse height (amplitude), pulse width (duration), delay between pulses and mode of operation - single pulse, set number of pulses, continuous or burst. The onboard User-interface is extremely easy to operate. There are multiple fail-safe safety features which makes the equipment very safe to use.

Lab scale PEF generators

Treatment of Liquid Foods

The treatment chamber for liquid foods is designed for use with any liquids, even with suspended solids. The photograph shows a chamber for batch treatment. If you wish to treat liquids (be it viscous or of any density) in flow, we have a different treatment environment available. The chamber is made with PTFE and food grade stainless steel.

Liquid Food Chamber

Treatment of Solid Foods

Likewise the treatment chamber for solid foods is designed to accommodate solids of any shape. The chamber is made in PTFE and food grade stainless steel. We can customize both the chambers as per your required dimensions and application.

Solid Food Chamber

Our Lab Grade PEF Generators come with a 15 years parts & service guarantee. Not only the components are totally reliable, but also readily available with us so, you will never face down-time or service issue. We provide complete video guide so you can install, operate & use the equipment - all by yourself. Should you need assistance or any service, we have a dedicated after-sales service staff who will remotely help you to install, operate & maintain the equipment yourself. They will visit you for installation, training & maintenance, should you desire anytime after the purchase.

We ship within 3 weeks after order (usually within a week).

Our group has served leading companies including Eaton, Philips, Honeywell, ABB, Schneider, L&T, Panasonic, UL, Reliance Industries Limited, Portescap, Siemens, Wipro, Legrand and many such demanding clients for their R&D requirements since 1975!

Pulsed Electric Field is an emerging technology, proven for effective food treatment. PEF keeps the nutrition value intact and doesn't affect the sensory attributes of the food. Apart from food processing, Pulsed Electric Field is also used in generation of Bio-fuel from Algae. Pulsed electric field is a non-thermal method of food preservation that uses short pulses of electric field for microbial inactivation and causes minimal detrimental effect unlike conventional treatments. The SureView Laboratory Scale PEF generator helps you experiment in a cost-effective manner. In essence, Pulsed Electric Field is - A high voltage, pulsating field applied between two electrodes, with no conducting path between electrodes. This induces poration of plant, animal and microbial cells leading to cell disintegration and microbial inactivation. This is how Pulsed Electric Field kills micro-organisms. PEF has opened up new horizons of application in the food processing industry besides food preservation.
Pulsed Electric Field is considered superior to traditional thermal processing methods, since it avoids detrimental changes in the nutritional, sensory & physical properties of food. Pore induction by PEF, by increasing the treatment intensity can cause a loss of vitality and inactivation of microorganisms in the food product. PEF treatment has been demonstrated majorly to be effective in microbial inactivation of fruit juices, vegetable juices, liquid foods, milk and dairy products. Several solid foods have also been investigated to be efficiently treated by deploying PEF treatment, even to increase yield!
The primary focus is on pathogenic and spoilage causing microorganisms in food. Most common pathogens in food are E.coli, Salmonella species, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Campylobacter and Norovirus. Some like Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium botulinum etc. produce toxins in the food, which can be harmful to human health. Certain fungi are also known to cause infections. Spoilage is a process in which food items deteriorate to the point in which it is not edible to humans. Microorganisms grow and produce enzymes that lead to objectionable by-products in the food. Some of these by-products may even be seriously harmful to human health. Food spoilage is primarily caused by bacteria and fungi. PEF treatment improves shelf-life extension of the foods without usage of preservatives or thermal treatment. In addition, PEF is also better efficient & lowers the energy consumption.
In juice processing, disintegration of cellular material is a key step prior to juice winning. PEF can be used in two phases – after crushing to facilitate extraction and after pressing to preserve the juice. This technology can be really used with any juices - apple, beet, cane, citrus fruits, grapes, peach, pomegranate, strawberry, watermelon, carrot and tomato!
Pulsed Electric Field causes reduction in the 'micro-flora' of milk and improve the shelf life on par with pasteurization. It can also be used in the pasteurization of dairy beverages such as milk products (Cheese, paneer and butter etc.).
For meat and fish treatment, disintegration of animal cellular tissue can also be done to enhance processes where, an uptake of substances is required, such as marination or curing of fish or meat products. Salt or a combination of salt and antimicrobial agents such as nitrite is often applied for preservation; spices are added to develop product specific taste and aroma. Uptake of these substances as well as distribution within the tissue is seen to improve following PEF treatment. This has also been found to impart a softer texture to the final product.
Drying Enhancement - Removal of water to preserve food products such as fruits or vegetables accounts for a significant amount of energy costs in food processing. The electro-permeabilization of cell membranes, leading to a drastic increase in mass transfer rates, can be utilized to enhance drying rates of cellular tissue. Thus PEF treatment can be used to preserve vegetables like carrots, beet root, radish, cucumber, sweet potato, potatoes, turnip etc. Tough and inconsistent produce such as carrot, beet root, turnip, sweet potato become easily processable with application of Pulsed Electric Field. Fruits too can be preserved in the dried state following PEF treatment. This property of drying enhancement can be utilized in preparing high quality dehydrated fruit and vegetable snacks.
Sugar processing is another area where Pulsed Electric Field Technology is useful in production stage (from beets or canes).

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