Fuel Cell Test Equipment

SureView Instruments manufactures Fuel Cell Test Equipment for testing as per International standards such as IEC 62282-2 in India. Our standard models and custom-made systems are available to test Low Temperature PEM Fuel cells and High Temperature PEM Fuel cells for Performances test, Durability test and Dynamic load cycling aging test. We offer custom-made solutions as per the customer’s requirement.

Our specialized test stations offer customized facility with possibility of simultaneous testing of single cell to multi-cell stacks with their independent controls using a single load box and integrated interface. Our test stations are equipped with necessary instrumentation to control and log various parameters such as flow, pressure, temperature, humidity, voltage, current, power and any other necessary functions for electrochemical testing of individual cells and stacks.

Our core competency in know-how enable us to develop a user-friendly product with ease of operation and low maintenance. In order to satisfy our customers which is the first and foremost priority, we are offering the best serviceability compared to competitors of similar domain.

Salient Features:
• Customized power range (few watts to 5-kWe)
• Wide range of precise humidification from 0% to 100%
• Customized testing options, for example: Different stoichiometry, different pressure, Dead-end anode, dry gas operation

Programmable test protocols as per customer requirements, for example: Constant load
(current/voltage), Load increments in Step/Ramp mode, Load cycling, Start-stop protocols

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