SureView MultiFly 4G

Data acquisition instrument with 4G for Industrial Internet of Things.

If you are building industrial automation solutions with IoT capability, this is an ideal module for data acquisition. 

This IoT device can be used in your existing projects which need to be connected to cloud since it can read your existing equipment via Modbus in addition to sensors using its ADCs.

MultiFly 4G has 4 Analog Inputs, 16 configurable Digital Input/Outputs and ModBus. It has necessary signal conditioning for most sensors. Say, any pH sensor can be read with built-in temperature compensation. Basically, sensors that give 0-10V or 4-20mA can be connected to this device using its Analog Inputs. While the ModBus can read your other data acquisition devices. Thus, it’s an ideal IoT device for industrial or laboratory IoT applications.

Data-logger with 4G - IoT Device
Data-logger with 4G - IoT Device

The sensors (or data coming from your instruments) can also be read in your PC or PLC via onboard Ethernet in case you need the data locally. You can easily use this device with any PLC or PC. We have another product called MultiFly 01 that has a WiFi connectivity in place of Ethernet.

Time and again, you might face the challenge to connect your existing automation system to the cloud and then build an IoT solution on top of it. This is the precise IoT Application for which MultiFly 4G is built. Of course you can use this IoT device in a fresh IoT application as well. But even in such cases you might not only have sensors that give 0-10V (or 4-20mA) but also need to utilize instruments that perform sophisticated measurements. In such a scenario, you can eliminate the cost of RTU or controller since MultiFly 4G has real-time OS that makes it easy to read those instruments in addition of reading sensors with its onboard ADCs .

MultiFly 4G has a 4G modem so it directly transfers data to any cloud provider like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and so on. In many industrial automation applications today, companies demand that the data should be available on a cloud so that remotely accessing it is possible. Making a system cloud based has many advantages – remote monitoring, web based alerts, analytics in Apps and so on.. Thus if you are planning a new industrial automation solution which should be IoT ready, please contact us. We have over 40 years of experience in industrial automation. We now have developed several IoT devices like MultiFly 4G for an industrial automation system that is IoT ready from start.

The open ModBus feature of this product is very significant. This is why you need not buy functionality that you already have when you make an existing system IoT ready.

Due to the ModBus connectivity, MultiFly 4G can read your 3rd party instruments and transfer their measurement data to your PLC or PLC via Ethernet or, directly to the cloud using 4G.

You can expand the functionality of your automation system since MultiFly 4G can read sensors with its onboard ADCs and then, make your system IoT-ready at the same time!

The instrument is very compact – 130mm length x 116mm breadth x 56mm height.

It is made as industrial grade and can be used in any industrial or domestic environment. The case is attractive and very rugged; all components are carefully selected to guarantee durability and accuracy.

We supply web interface and Apps (both Android App and iOS App) with this instrument. We have an expert team of software developers to build complete IoT solution with custom-designed website, Apps, SCADA or any applications based on .Net, LabVIEW or Java.

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