Performance Test & Measurement Equipment for Washing Machines and Electric Dish-washers (as per IEC 60456 & IEC 60436)

We offer Automated Test & Performance Measurement Equipment for Washing Machines & Dishwashers as per IEC 60456 & IEC 60436 respectively. This is a combined setup for integrating all the reference machines and the machines under test in a single control & measurement system. The water, electrical & energy management will be in a single block. Proper arrangement is available to attach/detach the machines under test.

Every machine - reference & machines under test - has its own control module which will be selected by the PC based LabVIEW software. Similarly, for water inlets, there will be separate pipelines for each machine.

The user will select either of the reference machines and the corresponding Machine Under Test. Water Supply Tank with the heating & pumping arrangement will be automatic for the machines. There will be two independent PRV (pressure regulating valves) and Pressure sensors on each of the two lines to be used simultaneously. There will be water heating & cooling arrangement.

Measurements available in the system:

This single equipment covers all the performance measurements as outlined in IEC 60456 as well as IEC 60436. SureView brings its group expertise of over 45 years in electrical test & measurement in building this equipment par excellence.

All the measurements as outlined in IEC 60456 & IEC 60436 are available with a PC based integrated Test, Automation & Measurement software based on NI LabVIEW.

As per IEC 60456, all these performance measurements for cloth washing machines are included - 

  • Washing Performance
  • Rinsing Performance
  • Water Extraction Performance
  • Water Consumption
  • Energy Consumption
  • Off mode Power & left On power mode
  • Cycle Time
  • Wool shrinkage performance

Likewise, as per IEC 60436, all these performance measurements for electric dishwashers are included - 

  • Energy Consumption
  • Water Consumption
  • Time

There are high-resolution Ethernet DAQs (Data Acquisition Devices) for all the controls & measurements. All measurement devices are at least 0.2 class or better. The test sequence will be automatic as per IEC 60456 & IEC 60436 with a built-in guidance system in the software so there will be no room for manual errors.

As outlined in - 

  • IEC 60456 - Clothes washing machines for household use – Methods for measuring the performance
  • IEC 60436 - Electric dishwashers for household use – Methods for measuring the performance,

These are the main measurements:

  • Energy Consumption Measurement - Simultaneous & Independent online monitoring with formulae as in the respective standards pre-programmed in the measurement system. Energy Measurement System includes measurement of voltage & frequency.
  • Spectrophotometric Measurement - Highly accurate system with specifications as per clause 5.4.3 of IEC 60456
  • Titration Equipment & Calorimeter - Titration Equipment & Calorimeter will be provided for measurements as per clause 8.5.3 of IEC 60456
  • pH Measurement - pH measurement will be with a pH sensor & transmitter as per clause 5.4.7 of IEC 60456
  • Mass / Weight Measurement - As mentioned in various locations in both the standards.
  • Flow, Volume & Pressure measurement and regulation

All accessories & components used are of reputed make such as Hanna, Hach, Konica Minolta, Mettler Toledo, National Instruments (NI), Yokogawa, Dell, Kirloskar, Legrand, L&T, Polycab, Finolex, Siemens etc.

The PC based Application software will have the following features:

  • The complete recipe can be edited and maintained with the supervisor or administrator login
  • All the test & measurement procedures will be fully automatic as outlined in the IEC standards and the sequence will be conducted by the software automatically
  • There will be 3-level user management system with password protection. The user-level will be given limited permissions as set by the administrator. The supervisor level will have access to edit test recipes. The administrator will have all rights and will be able to give/restrict rights of other users
  • The software will be customised to generate test reports in your formats. Our software engineer will work on customising the software as per the customisation requested by you at the time of order.
  • The reports will be in HTML/Word/PDF format and there will be facility to email reports to designated email addresses.
  • The software will have auto-calibration facility for all settings and readings.

The equipment comes with calibration from ISO 17025 accredited laboratory for the complete unit.

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