Electric Vehicle Test Equipment

IEC Test Equipment – India

We make Test Equipment as per Standards such as IEC, UL, ASTM and BIS. We are located in Mumbai, India. Our IEC Test Equipment are shipped not only across India but also world-wide.

Raspberry Pi & Touch-screen based control system for driver test equipment

24 Bit Ethernet based Data Acquisition DAQ instrument

Raspberry Pi based mini SCADA for Circuit Breaker Test Equipment (SCR ELEKTRONIKS make) as per IEC 60947-2 developed at Aum Electro Technology Pvt Ltd

Comprehensive Test Equipment for Luminaire, Ballasts, Fixtures etc. based on NI LabVIEW & NI USB series DAQ cards.

(multiple IECs)

Time-Current Characteristics Test Equipment for Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) as per IEC 60947.

Virtual Instrumentation Based on NI LabVIEW; using Ethernet Data Acquisition & Control System from SureView

Time-Current Characteristics Test Equipment based on LabVIEW & SureView E-DAQ.

for testing of Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) as per IEC 60898

Water Treatment plant’s control system using Siemens Simatic PLC, Siemens Variable Frequency Drives, SureView DAQ system & LabVIEW based SCADA.

This will control & automate reverse osmosis of sea water 24/7

Endurance Test Equipment as per IEC 60669 & IEC 60884 for Switches & Sockets. Based on Siemens Simatic PLC & Festo Electro-pneumatics.

Main Components are:

1. Control System & Power source
2. Electrical Load Bank
3. Electro-pneumatic Test jigs (fixtures)

Programmable Hipot with electro-pneumatic test jig with HMI in LabVIEW

Test Equipment for AC Contactors as per IEC 60947-4

To conduct:
Routine Test Station
Following Tests will be conducted.
1. Flashing Test @ 110%.
2. Pickup Voltage test.
3. Coil Consumption Test.
4. Drop off Test.

SCADA systems developed using LabVIEW for PLCs
SCADA system in LabVIEW to work with PLC in Oil & Gas Industry (Process control)

Calibration system by Magnetisation & Demagnetisation for residual current operated circuit breakers (RCCB/ELCB)

Test Equipment for Motor Starter with NI DAQ & LabVIEW based test & automation software

SCADA systems developed in NI LabVIEW to work with Siemens & Wago PLCs for process control application (in Oil & Gas industry)

National Instruments CompactRIO (cRIO) based Automated Test Equipment for Electrical Contactors.
1. Tests 4 contactors simultaneously
2. All routine & HV Tests
3. runs LabVIEW based Test & Measurement system on Windows PC

The system broadly comprises of:

AC Constant Current source – 25 to 375A, 1-phase
Heating chamber with PID controller
LabVIEW based Control System with elaborate features running on a Windows PC

Test Equipment for 1.2A to 42A Overload Relays.

Using NI LabVIEW, Advantech PCI DAQ & TDK-Lambda 12.5V-60A Current source

Test 8 relays simultaneously.
Conducts Continuity & Thermal trip time test.

Endurance Test Setup for Fan Regulators & Light Dimmers with 50 to 1000W resistive load
> 3 Station
> With Data-logger & ch-ch isolation amplifiers

PLC based Endurance Test Set-up for TP Switch

Includes Inductive Load Bank, Variable Voltage Source & Electro-pneumatic test jig.

Automated Test Equipment for Refrigerators and Air Conditioners as per IEC 60335
Automated Test Equipment for LED Luminair (Stahl Germany – Chennai, India factory).

Electrical tests conducted:

1. Earth Bond Test
2. Insulation Resistance Test
3. Hipot Test
4. PE wire resistance test
5. N Wire resistance test
6. L1, L2 & L3 wire resistance test
7. Low Cut-off & High Cut-off tests
8. Limiting Low voltage test
9. Limiting nominal voltage & performance test
10. Limiting High voltage test
11. Lamp burning test
12. Leakage Current Test
13. Electrical efficiency test (Power measurement) & Run Test