Industrial Automation & PLC based Control Systems

Now is the time to Make in India! At SureView we leverage over 40 years of engineering experience of our group in industrial automation and PLC based control systems to offer manufacturers with affordable yet state-of-the-art control systems & computer based automation. The Industrial Automation & Control Systems we offer are 'Industry 4.0' ready from the start owing to our competence in Industrial-Internet of Things.

In our factory in Mumbai, India - the best control systems are built for leading companies. Our team of electrical engineers includes people with over 30 years of design experience each! We have servo-controllers, power measurement instruments, sensors, panel meters etc. of our own make. Our data acquisition systems (based on Ethernet) are of high resolution (minimum 24 bits) and include built-in linear-phase finite impulse response (FIR) digital filters. We integrate any PLC of your choice - Siemens, Allen Bradley, Delta, Omron, Mitsubishi & ABB to name a few. Right from panel fabrication to software development, we have in-house teams that work diligently to offer you the best control systems. And, we have a special library to use PLCs with LabVIEW (instead of Windows PC)

We are well-versed in using variable speed drives, circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear and all other ingredients that go inside a typical control panel.

Our engineers and technicians are highly skilled & motivated. This ensures not just neat wiring but precise documentation.

As with other components, we have our own transformer design engineers to custom-develop small & medium size transformers, as per the project's requirements.

Our LabVIEW based SCADA ensures you get the best GUI with a guidance system. When you employ any other SCADA, it attracts recurring (run-time licence) cost when you duplicate your existing system. We give you the SCADA at no cost and you can use it in as many projects you like! Please visit the 'About Us' and 'Presentation' area of our website for further information.